Crossing the Bridge to Cultural Understanding

The FrenchLink Consulting Services International founder is Leanne Debeurre, a Philadelphia area native, who has lived and worked in France for over 5 years. With dual majors in Business Administration and French, she has held positions in international sales and marketing, customer service and support, secondary education and private teaching.

Leanne is a strong advocate for the promotion of insightful cross-cultural communication and understanding. In a global economy, she feels that it is one of the most important but most overlooked tools for success. Forward-thinking companies who invest in cross-cultural consulting are richly rewarded with smooth transitions, operations, and communications with both their clients and employees.

Leanne has been a board member of the Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix, most notably as president for three years, the International School of Arizona as well as the former French American Business Council of Arizona. She has handled extensive translation work on certified immigration documentation and literary translation in addition to real estate, legal and technical paperwork. She has a fundamental belief in the accurate translation of a conveyed meaning.

Most projects are handled remotely with the use of today’s technological tools. However, we are available to meet in person with our clients to guarantee the success of their endeavors.

Pricing is quoted on an individual project basis and is subject to change at any time. A formal price quotation and lead time will be given for each inquiry. A deposit may be required for certain projects and will be due at the time of contracting with FrenchLink Consulting Services International. The remainder will be due at the completion of the project.

Leanne Debeurre, French Business Consultant

Leanne Debeurre, Consultant

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